Move better than you ever have before.

Mobility coaching is for you if...

You want to build general strength and flexibility

You're training for a specific sport, movement pattern or have specific movement goals

You're willing to put in hard work consistently

You're interested in moving efficiently and without pain as you age

You participate in other forms of movement that require ranges of motion that you currently don't have

What the f is mobility about?\

Mobility training is intended to create space for you to move actively and with control within your passive range of motion. Mobility training will ensure that you have the adequate range of motion for any other types of movement you do daily. You'll work on creating space around your joints through various drills, while simultaneously building strength actively in that new range of motion.

If you don't move your joints in their current range of motion, you will lose access to that range.

Mobility training prevents injury. How? If you play a sport, lift weights at the gym, try to get into deep yoga poses without the range of motion necessary to get there, you are probably going to get hurt.

Mobility is a form of training that can be done anywhere with little props or as many as you'd like and you'll still get stronger.

TLDR: mobility training is what you should be doing but you're not.


Live 1:1 Mobility Coaching with Sarah

8-Week 1:1 Mobility Program


What's Included

  • 75-Min intro  assessment call & training session
  • 8 30-min weekly training sessions 
  • Personalized homework to do between calls
  • 24/7 communication with Sarah outside of coaching calls
  • Access to the Good Yoga Series recordings
  • 50% off any classes, trainings, or workshops hosted during our program

90-Min Intro Session


What's Included

  • Full body assessment of range of motion + discussion of goals
  • 8-week training plan
  • 3 mobility class recordings to be completed on your own time as part of your training plan         




Hey! I'm Sarah 

"I wish I had started mobility training sooner"


Pretty much every person who starts this training repeats that phrase back to me (and I said it when I started).

As a yoga teacher, I have seen all types of bodies with all ranges. of strength and flexibility. What I rarely saw teaching at studios in NYC, were students who had passive flexibility AND could control that movement.

So, after going through FRC trainings and becoming a mobility specialist I realized that more people need to know about this.

Being flexible is great, but can you control that movement? Do you have access to it yourself?

Mobility training will grant you permission to get into deeper poses, to take on more load at the gym when you lift weights.

Mobility is strength training. You will be sore. You will see change.

Whether you want to decrease pain in your joints and make daily movement easier or you have specific movement goals in mind, this training is for you.

I cannot wait to train you and get you to where you want to be.


I have been a yoga teacher since 2016 and have taught at boutique yoga studios in NYC as well as luxury gym, Equinox.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and FRC mobility specialist.

I've coached and trained in group fitness settings as well as 1:1 both in-person and over Zoom with success.

Are you ready to feel your best?

Yes! Let's do it.