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Finally eat without rules, guilt or fear.

Hi, I'm Sarah!


This is my Story


It wasn't until college that I saw my relationship with food take a turn straight into diet culture. I downloaded a calorie counting app, worked out too much & skipped a lot of social events because I was nervous about what would be in the food.

Just like you, I was taught that thinner was better, that I had to clean my plate, that working out was a weight loss tool - the list goes on.

I had a lightbulb moment and realized how f*cked up that was and decided to change it.

Now, as an intuitive eating coach I’ve turned my transformation & education into an easy-to-follow system that anyone can use to reconnect with their inner intuitive eater.


Let's talk about movement


I grew up with thin privilege (and still have it). I never felt like I had to move my body in order to lose weight. Movement was carefree, it was competitive and it was something I enjoyed doing.

I graduated high school playing 2 sports for the school so when I got to college and wasn't on a team with daily practices, I had to figure out what I liked.

I leaned on lifting weights as a way to cope with my emotions and as a way to burn calories in order to eat more than what I tracked in the calorie counting app.

I would get anxiety over not wearing my Apple watch while at a workout class because I didn't know how many calories I burned.

As I worked to heal my relationship with food, my relationship with movement also changed. I move my body because I like feeling strong, flexible, powerful and I'm always in a better mood after.

I choose the types of movement for me based on how I'm feeling not if I think it will make me sweat the most or burn the most calories.

Movement is meant to be joyful and a way to keep your body working properly for as long as possible. Not punishment for something you ate,

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My signature 12-week group coaching program designed to help you ditch diet culture & reconnect to your body as an intuitive eater.

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