Good Yoga Series

Are you looking to incorporate a consistent yoga practice into your routine? Sick of trying to schedule random workout classes hoping you like them and see the results you want? Do you want to build strength and flexibility by following a course vs. random yoga classes here and there?

Then you're in the right place!

The next series starts June 6th - are you in?

Commit to a curated series instead of taking random classes here and there

It’s simple: consistency & progress.

Yes, you could do a one-off yoga class, but what if you practiced consistently 3x a week for eight weeks? What if you followed a program that was intelligently sequenced to increase strength and flexibility in an engaging and fun way that you want to get out of bed for?

In the Good Yoga Series, you’re held accountable to show up for class instead of snoozing your alarm and promising yourself you’ll do class later. (We've all been there)

By practicing consistently every week, you’ll see yourself grow both physically and mentally. You’ll increase your physical strength and develop the confidence to try new poses & transitions. You’ll foster a community that supports you and only wants to see you grow.

This practice extends off the mat and into your daily life. You’ll find yourself with increased confidence, positivity, and self-love.

Let's flow!

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So what are you getting yourself into?

You're committing to an 8-week yoga series with the best team.

Classes start Monday, June 6, 2022.

Cost: $195

What Days & Times: Mondays @ 6:30pm EST
Wednesdays @ 7:30am EST

Mondays are for foundation. Expect a mix of flow + mobility as you're introduced to the weekly focus.

Wednesdays are for flowing. These 45-minute classes have minimal instruction so you can move and flow with your breath.


I'm ready!

Samantha W.

My body has completely changed. I never thought I would be this physically fit / strong. I never thought I could work out consistently 3/4x a week and not be bored. I’ve never stuck with a workout routine this long. I’m so proud of myself and love how I look and feel!

Dorothy B. (& Cooper)

One of the biggest shifts I've noticed is my mindset around movement - I crave these classes because I know how good I feel after! I'm physically getting stronger too - I can actually do certain poses or transitions that I used to not be able to do. And because of that, I push myself in class because I know I can do it!

Nicole G.

I love that it’s the perfect mix of consistency and variety. I love that the format is predictable by day of week, but the moves/focus changes weekly. Always keeps it interesting!

Holland R.

Strength in my core & upper body, ability to hold poses I never thought I could do for extended periods (side plank, wheel, camel). Mentally and emotionally I'm excited to come to class and am genuinely sad when I miss it.

Spencer N.

Physically some of the biggest unlocks in challenging poses have come from small supporting exercises. For example, lifting my toes while flexing/stretching the front of the shin first on the mat has helps me find a better chair pose later on in class. These details have been a helpful reminder to keep working on my range of motion in those accessory muscle groups which is great.

Mentally, knowing the night before that the next morning I will have some tea, get to practice yoga, move the body and focus my mind helps to reinforce a resilient mentality during the rest of the day that no matter what happens, I've prepared the mind and body to do whatever needs doing.

Kelly M.

I feel stronger and have seen some really consistent progress in a bunch of poses/shapes that I felt stagnant in before - and that comes from the consistency of practice and Sarah's real talent in preparing classes and pushing us to push our boundaries through her active coaching (it is like she is in your room). This practice has been so important to me mentally and emotionally - almost like an anchor that I can consistently come back to and focus on myself.

Good Yoga Series Schedule

Module 1: Spine / Core

Week 1: Twists

Week 2: Spine Flexion

Week 3: Twists + Side Bends

Week 4: Spine Extension

Module 2: Shoulders / Upper Body

Week 5: Spine Extension + Shoulder Flexion

Week 6: Shoulder Extension

Week 7: Shoulder External Rotation

Week 8: Shoulder Internal Rotation (Binds)

Module 3: Hips / Lower Body

Week 9: Hip Extension + Shoulder Flexion

Week 10: Hip Flexion (Forward Folds)

Week 11: Hip External Rotation

Week 12: Hip Extension 

Still not sure?

See what the team is saying!


Hi! I'm Sarah. I've been teaching yoga for over 5 years and I created the Good Yoga Series because after taking and teaching yoga classes over the years I realized I wasn't seeing much progress in my practice. I was consistently taking classes, but I wasn't following a program where I'd see progress in poses & transitions.

Taking classes here and there is wonderful, but it is hard to see progress in strength and flexibility when you're not following a program designed by an instructor.

This is how I see it. When you're in school you sign up for a course that has a syllabus and it guides you towards your end goal. That's exactly what you're doing here!

I've seen changes in my own flexibility and strength from teaching the Good Yoga Series and am so grateful for the community we've built.

We're ready for YOU!