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Good Yoga Series - Fall 2022

Get stronger, more flexible and connect with your body from the comfort of your own home!

Skip the commute, extra costs, time commitment and randomness of going to in-person classes.

 The Good Yoga Series is a 12-week, online yoga & mobility program intentionally designed so you can actually see progress in your practice instead of taking random classes here and there.

What you'll get:

  • 12 50-minute vinyasa yoga infused with mobility classes
  • 12 50-minute mobility conditioning classes
  • 12 50-minute vinyasa yoga flow classes
  • Lifetime access to all classes

Interested in a payment plan? GO HERE

It's time to put yourself first. Give yourself 12-weeks to prioritize YOU.

What People Are Saying:

The GYS is a great community of people looking to learn and grow their yoga practices alongside Sarah, whose expertise and creativity provides a strong foundation for our development while keeping us learning new things all the time. Come for the yoga, stay for the people and the playlists.

Spencer N.

"GYS builds on itself and adapts as you move through programs. I keep finding myself pleasantly surprised at the little changes that suddenly appear over time -- enjoying the splits practice, breathing more evenly in other workouts, being able to reach a littttttttle further in so many ways, increasing confidence in doing whatever I feel like on a given day in my practice -- it's great to see how progress builds across the board."

Nicole G.

"I have confidence that I'm actually doing the poses properly with your instruction and can feel the difference in my body. Challenging poses feel less uncomfortable because of the modifications you recommend and the little tips you give have changed the way I practice. I used to DESPISE standing split and I think it's because I just wasn't doing it properly... like I never realized that squeezing my butt cheek of the lifted leg would help lift the leg up more."

Kristina P.