The Mindful Method

13-week group coaching program helping you find food freedom, build sustainable habits and eat without guilt. Through mindset training, education and action you'll learn how to free yourself of restrictions, unanswered emotional eating habits, and maintain a consistent routine.

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How much longer are you going to keep feeling like you are doing all the right things but still not seeing any progress with your relationship with food??

Are you tired of jumping from diet to diet hoping that THIS will be the one that works for you? You know that restricting foods leads to binging, but sometimes it feels like it's the only thing you can do. It's not, I got you.

Has movement been a weight-loss tool for you in the past so when you think about moving for enjoyment, it seems unattainable? Maybe you're not comfortable in the body you have now so moving it feels foreign?

All of this is NORMAL. It's what you've been taught to do. It is not your fault. You are not a bad person.

This is the group for you if you related to any of the above.

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Before you keep reading, know that I see you and I understand where you're coming from.

I remember when I was so deep into counting calories that I skipped social gatherings in fear that I'd go over my caloric intake allowance, I only ate out at places that had the calories listed on the menu and the thought of trusting my body never even crossed my mind.

I used workouts to earn food or to burn calories because I ate something I believed to be "bad".

I have helped women just like you rewire their beliefs and mindset to feel in control of what they eat, eat carbs, sweets, etc. guilt-free and ditch the diet cycle. We work on breaking down existing habits, patterns and beliefs so you can reconstruct them and act on it.

Imagine what it would be like to look forward to moving your body consistently, feeling energized for your day, excited to eat food, and supporting those around you instead of comparing yourself to them!

It's possible, I'll show you the way.

When you join The Mindful Method, here's what you're in for - 

  • You'll have a heightened awareness of your habits, patterns and thoughts related to food, movement, your body and stress.
  • You'll learn tools to create, shift and sustain habits that improve your daily life.
  • You'll have increased confidence in your food choices, your body image, and your capabilities.
  • You'll shift your eating mindset to food freedom vs. rules and restrictions.
  • You'll be able to eat whatever you want whenever you want with structure and without guilt.
  • You'll look forward to moving your body instead of looking at it as a chore. Consistent movement won't be temporary, it will be something you do because that's who you are.
  • You'll understand your emotional eating patterns, be able to recognize them and change the course of action if you want to.
  • You will be able to identify and listen to your hunger and fullness cues successfully.
  • You'll learn about body neutrality, how to talk to yourself in a positive way, and work to let go of the idea that your worth is defined by your weight.
I want that!!

What Graduates are Saying...

"As I said at graduation, something that I like about myself is who I am today. I am so proud of the investment I made in myself and that I am prioritizing my mental and physical health. Before joining this program, my priorities were wack and I assumed I needed to lose weight to be healthy. WOW I couldn't be more wrong. I am becoming friends with my inner voice, Judi (Judith when she's being extra) and I am learning to love myself THE WAY I AM NOW. I deserve love now and always."

- Jodi Z.

"I was afraid to stray from 'healthy options' and felt guilty when I did so (in a super normal and moderate way) and focused a lot on specific meal times - now I rarely feel guilt and am working toward total guilt-free intuitive eating when my body is hungry or I consciously want to eat!"

- Liz S.

"Biggest takeaways are that I deserve to love myself and have people around me who love me and appreciate me. I also belong where I am and I'm not gross or lost or lazy because I eat or a cookie or don't know what my next job choice is. I should always be confident in myself and my abilities. And that consistent movement is really good for me and yoga is a workout!!!"

- Melissa R.

"Do it. If you can be brave and want to prioritize your own emotional, spiritual, and physical health, then absolutely do this for yourself."

- Sam R.

"I think this is the best way to describe my biggest takeaway. Yesterday I did a full workout on my trampoline at home Not because someone said I had to Not because I am working out to lose weight Not because someone expected me to attend a class Not because working out makes me feel less guilty about the food I eat But because I wasn't feeling great and I said to myself "hey, working out will make me feel better"! and I chose that over sleeping or eating and it wasn't forced, it just felt like the natural choice. I had a smile on my face the entire time and was dripping sweat by the end of it, and I have never felt better."

- Seham E.

What you'll be learning

Establish Your Baseline

Get clear on what your current patterns, behaviors, thoughts and habits are so you can create change. You'll learn how to measure progress, how to set identity-based goals & how to set yourself up for success (for life).

Intro to Intuitive Eating

Take a deep dive into what intuitive eating really looks like, how you can incorporate the mindset into your daily life through tangible and actionable steps. Think hunger cues, fullness cues, eating hygiene, your beliefs and rules about food, emotional eating and more.

Mindful Movement

If you enjoy moving your body, you'll do it more often. If you hate the workouts you're doing but think they'll get you the body that you want, you're going to dread it every. single. time. You'll learn how to set movement goals and understand how moving your body directly affects how you eat!

Gentle Nutrition

When you know you can eat anything anytime you want, that freedom can be paralyzing! You'll learn how to set up your plate in a way that leaves you satisfied, satiated, and energized. You'll also learn about nutritional concepts and key nutrients.

Crack Diet Culture Mindset

Mindset is everything, especially when it comes to food. The diet and weight-loss industry has spewed out countless claims to confuse you and together we'll break them down so you can confidently break the cycle. 

Be Your Own Hype Woman

The relationship you have with yourself is arguably the most important one. When it comes to how you choose food, your choices can vary based on how you're feeling about your body. We'll break down body neutrality vs. body positivity, positive self-talk and limited beliefs so you can practice body love.

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I created The Mindful Method for you! Simple as that.

I know what it's like to feel lost, confused and like you're doing all the right things but can't seem to stay consistent or see the change you're hoping for.

This program isn't a 4-week challenge or a short-term fix. This program is designed to give you the tools to take with you for life. I want you to feel like you have control over what you eat and a mindset free of diet culture to accompany your choices.

Everything that you do is interconnected, which is why we aren't just talking about food! We'll dive into movement, stress, your relationship to self and so much more!

Let's go!!

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