Fed up with diet culture bullsh*t?

You'll make a change when you're tired and sick of your own bullsh*t.

You're probably here because you don't want to diet but you also don't know what to do instead.

Whatever your relationship with food and your body looks like now, you're exactly where you need to be.

You're about to experience crazy growth and reconnect with your inner intuitive eater.

Pick your path and let's get going.

Liz S.

"I was afraid to stray from 'healthy options' and felt guilty when I did so (in a super normal and moderate way) and focused a lot on specific meal times - now I rarely feel guilt and am working toward total guilt-free intuitive eating when my body is hungry or I consciously want to eat!"

Melissa R.

"Biggest takeaways are that I deserve to love myself and have people around me who love me and appreciate me. I also belong where I am and I'm not gross or lost or lazy because I eat or a cookie or don't know what my next job choice is. I should always be confident in myself and my abilities. And that consistent movement is really good for me and yoga is a workout!!!"

Intuitive Eater Unlocked

This four-part self-paced program is for you if you are sick of dieting and need a place to start. You'll learn how to establish your baseline, how to cope with your emotions, connect to your hunger & fullness cues & learn how to improve your self-talk.

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The Mindful Method

Join my 12-week group coaching program! This is a live group program with weekly coaching sessions, a course portal and 1:1 session with me so you can get the live support you need to give you the tools so you can reconnect with your intuitive eater and finally feel free around food.

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How to Feel in Control Around Food Without Rules

This workshop is specifically for you if you feel like you cannot trust yourself when certain foods are in the house. You might describe yourself as eating [insert food] "like it's going out of style" and don't know how to feel in control other than using rules.

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I'm your biggest supporter, cheerleader and hype woman. I am dedicated to holding space for you to reconnect to your inner intuitive eater. I am sick of diet culture running (& ruining) our lives and want to show you that it is possible to ditch it.

Learning to be an intuitive eater can seem overwhelming and not even possible, but it is. There is a life where you're less concerned about the number on the scale or if you ate the "right" thing and you're more interested in moving because you enjoy it, eating foods that your body asks for without judgment and self-talk that actually makes you feel good about yourself.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-connection, and unapologetic confidence.

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