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Diet culture wants you to think you're alone. I'm here to tell you that you're not.

 We all have our own stories and relationship with food, movement and ourselves. We've been influenced by the media, parents, friends, school, celebrities and social media.

But we've all been taught one main concept and that is that thinner is better. That then defines how we view food, movement and what our self worth is valued by.

The idea that thinner is better is complete bullshit...

...but that's what I was taught and that's what fueled my disordered eating habits, toxic relationship with movement (even as a movement instructor) and rocky relationship with my body.

*I want to point out that thin privilege is real. My story is my story with struggles & wins, but it comes with the privilege of being thin & white. Both privileges are not earned.

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Biggest takeaways are that I deserve to love myself and have people around me who love me and appreciate me. I also belong where I am and I'm not gross or lost or lazy because I eat or a cookie or don't know what my next job choice is. I should always be confident in myself and my abilities. And that consistent movement is really good for me and yoga is a workout!!!

Melissa R.

Jodi Z.

As I said at graduation, something that I like about myself is who I am today. I am so proud of the investment I made in myself and that I am prioritizing my mental and physical health. Before joining this program, my priorities were wack and I assumed I needed to lose weight to be healthy. WOW I couldn't be more wrong. I am becoming friends with my inner voice, Judi (Judith when she's being extra) and I am learning to love myself THE WAY I AM NOW. I deserve love now and always.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I feel stronger and have seen some really consistent progress in a bunch of poses/shapes that I felt stagnant in before - and that comes from the consistency of practice and Sarah's real talent in preparing classes and pushing us to push our boundaries through her active coaching (it is like she is in your room). This practice has been so important to me mentally and emotionally - almost like an anchor that I can consistently come back to and focus on myself.

Kelly M.

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