The Mindful Method

Tired of the diet cycle?


You know the diet cycle.

Whatever sparks the new diet has got you feeling excited, motivated and like this  is going to be the diet that finally works.

You're able to maintain the diet for a few days, but cravings for foods off the diet ultimately show up and you eat whatever it is. You might even say "f*ck it" and eat all foods not on the diet for the rest of the week. Cue the guilt and shame.

You swear that this will never happen again and you start the diet over again.

It can feel like you're a hamster on a never-ending wheel.

Let's break that.


It’s Time To Reconnect with Your Inner Intuitive Eater Again

With one-on-one guidance and group support, you've got a safe place to explore your eating behaviors & rules, relationship with movement and your body image.




Learn how to disconnect from diet culture around you and tune in to what's happening in your mind and body. I'll teach you how to:

  • Clearly understand and hear your body's hunger, fullness & cravings cues 
  • Work with your "bad" foods so you don't feel out of control or guilty when you eat them
  • Consistently move your body in ways you actually enjoy so you can feel your best
  • Cope with emotions use tools other than food (but remember it's ok to use food to cope)
  • Change the inner conversations you have from negative self-talk to positive & encouraging

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.


Get to know yourself & reject diet culture. You'll find out your current eating patterns & rules, your programming & what you've been taught about yourself. You'll learn the framework to make habits actually stick.


Let's take action. You'll learn how to identify (and what to do with) hunger cues. Challenge your existing food rules & learn how to overturn "bad" food labels.


Learn how to identify fullness & satisfaction. You'll develop skills to cope with your emotions in ways other than food.


Explore what you've been taught about movement and its role in your life. You'll learn how to set goals & drop negative beliefs about movement.


You'll learn how to set up your plate in a way that leaves you satisfied, satiated, and energized. You'll also learn about nutritional concepts and key nutrients.


The relationship you have with yourself is arguably the most important one. When it comes to how you choose food, your choices can vary based on how you're feeling about your body. We'll break down body neutrality vs. body positivity, positive self-talk and limited beliefs so you can practice body love.



You are not alone. Hearing stories, questions and experiences from other humans in the group is one of the most powerful tools.

Ask questions & share what you learned over the past week after doing your homework. This is a safe place where everyone is reconnecting with their inner intuitive eater. You might be in a different point on the journey than another group member, and that's the beauty of it.

At the start of each group session, you’ll get a journaling prompt. This will give you time to reflect, dig deep and explore whatever topic we're on that week.  It's incredibly powerful to hear what came up from others in the group.

We can’t wait to connect and grow with you!



I'm your biggest supporter, cheerleader and hype woman. I am dedicated to holding space for you to reconnect to your inner intuitive eater. I am sick of diet culture running (& ruining) our lives and want to show you that it is possible to ditch it.

Learning to be an intuitive eater can seem overwhelming and not even possible, but it is. There is a life where you're less concerned about the number on the scale or if you ate the "right" thing and you're more interested in moving because you enjoy it, eating foods that your body asks for without judgment and self-talk that actually makes you feel good about yourself.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-connection, and unapologetic confidence.

"I was afraid to stray from 'healthy options' and felt guilty when I did so (in a super normal and moderate way) and focused a lot on specific meal times - now I rarely feel guilt and am working toward total guilt-free intuitive eating when my body is hungry or I consciously want to eat!"


 Liz S.

"Biggest takeaways are that I deserve to love myself and have people around me who love me and appreciate me. I also belong where I am and I'm not gross or lost or lazy because I eat or a cookie or don't know what my next job choice is. I should always be confident in myself and my abilities. And that consistent movement is really good for me and yoga is a workout!!!."

Melissa R.



Have you ever felt like you are doing all the right things but still not seeing any progress with your relationship with food?

Or you're sick of jumping from diet to diet hoping that THIS will be the one that works for you?

Or you know that restricting foods leads to binging, but sometimes it feels like it's the only thing you can do?

Has movement been a weight-loss tool for you in the past so when you think about moving for enjoyment, it seems unattainable? Maybe you're not comfortable in the body you have now so moving it feels foreign?

If so, then The Mindful Method is definitely for you.

I'll help you break down everything you've been taught by diet culture & help you build the relationship with food & your body you want.