Yoga & Mobility Training 

Let's move together

Movement isn't punishment. It's also not permission to eat. It's not simply a weight loss tactic. It's so much more.

If you have struggled to make movement a consistent part of your life, or you tend to go on streaks of daily movement and then dry periods with no movement you're in the right place. Not only do we actually move, but you'll learn about movement mindset and why it feels like a struggle to do it.

Whether you want to train with me 1:1 or want access to mobility or yoga classes to do on your own, you're in the right place!

My mobility and intuitive app is officially live and ready for you to start your 7-day trial! Get moving with me today!

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Online Programs 

Start training on your own! There are programs for all levels and interests/goals. 

Foundations of Yoga

If you're new to yoga or want short and effective classes, this is for you. You'll learn the foundational poses and transitions of a physical yoga practice.

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Intro to Mobility Series

Heard about the mobility buzz and curious about how it works? This series is for you! You'll learn about CARs, how to do a self-assessment and get eight 20-min snack classes for you to take.

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Unblock Your Hips

Tight hips? Want to get deeper into your splits? Whatever your goals are, your hips will thank you for taking these classes. You'll get a blend of yoga & mobility training sessions to unblock your hips once and for all.

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1:1 Mobility & Strength Training Program

Looking for something more personalized? Have specific movement goals in mind? Recovering from an injury and want to make sure the way you're moving is safe?

A 1:1 mobility program with me is unique to you. We'll first do an assessment to see how your body moves. That will inform the priorities for the duration of the program along with your goals and time you want to dedicate to this work.

What's included:

  • 12-week 1:1 mobility training program with Sarah
  • 1 60-minute assessment call
  • 6 or 12 60-minute training sessions via Zoom (all recorded and sent to you)
  • Weekly training program for you to follow based on goals and assessment discussion that you can keep post-program
  • Reassessment call at the end of the 12-weeks
  • Access to Sarah via Voxer messaging app (free) for communication


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Not only am I a yoga teacher, but I'm a mobility specialist. What does that mean??

That means you'll get a combo of yoga & mobility work to increase your range of motion in your joints and how much control you have. AKA you'll get more flexible quicker, you'll be able to control your body better and you'll be able to move efficiently as long as you train.

Because I'm an intuitive eating coach you'll never hear me talk about your weight, earning food from this movement or making you feel bad about yourself - ever. I teach to encourage you, push you, teach you to trust yourself and to increase your strength & flexibility so you can go live your life how you want to.

"I have confidence that I'm actually doing the poses properly with your instruction and can feel the difference in my body. Challenging poses feel less uncomfortable because of the modifications you recommend and the little tips you give have changed the way I practice. I used to DESPISE standing split and I think it's because I just wasn't doing it properly... like I never realized that squeezing my butt cheek of the lifted leg would help lift the leg up more."


Kristina P.

"GYS builds on itself and adapts as you move through programs. I keep finding myself pleasantly surprised at the little changes that suddenly appear over time -- enjoying the splits practice, breathing more evenly in other workouts, being able to reach a littttttttle further in so many ways, increasing confidence in doing whatever I feel like on a given day in my practice -- it's great to see how progress builds across the board."

Nicole G.